Welcoming Digitalme and Makewaves to the City & Guilds Group

Posted by Chris Kirk on 15 February 2018 19:36:23 GMT
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Getting serious about digital credentials & open badges.

Digitalme, a new City & Guilds Group credntialing business

The City & Guilds Group has a proud 138 year heritage in the development and issuing of trusted credentials. Constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of employers and industry to ensure that we recognise the most relevant knowledge, skills and competencies in our qualifications. Helping people into a job, progressing on the job and moving into the next job. We are trusted by thousands of approved training organisations and employers in over 80 countries to certificate millions of individuals every year.

As such, we have been following with great interest the exciting developments of digital credentials and in particular the open badges standard and movement in what it can do to enhance life-long recognition of talent and achievements in a truly 21st century way.

Finding our way

In early 2015 we piloted our first blended learning and open badge credentialing solution, Workplace Skills. Which is now a key part of our TechBac programme, helping to re-imagine professional and technical education and creating a richer picture of an individual at 18 years old.


The City & Guilds Group then followed this in March 2016 when we announced our investment into Credly, a US-based digital credentialing provider, as part of our New Venture Fund.

Announcing our new dedicated credentialing business, Digitalme

Today, we’re delighted to have announced that the City & Guilds Group is establishing and investing in dedicated business unit focused on digital credentialing. We were able to make this exciting move after Digitalme and Makewaves today become a key part of the Group. That new business will be known as Digitalme.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group

“We have always been at the forefront of skills development, ever since we were first established in 1878, so our new digital credentialing business is a natural next step for us. And we’re delighted to bring Digitalme and Makewaves into the Group. By adopting the Open Badge standard and combining it with our expertise in accreditation and assessment, we can help even more people validate their skills and competencies. Our strong brands and complementary values — as well as our commitment to shaping the future of skills development — will position us to lead this emerging global movement.”

Maintaining and supporting the principles of the open badge standard

Open standards will be essential in creating a global and interoperable ecosystem that will allow us to be part of something truly game-changing.

City & Guilds Group’s role will focus on high-quality, relevant and trusted credentials which make the biggest difference in individual’s life and career. Developing commercial products and services to accelerate adoption by enabling organisations to create and issue their own high quality credentials to individuals.

benefits of an Open Badge - Bryan Mathers
The benefits of Open Badge, thanks @bryanMMathers

You can see more by watching this video - City & Guilds Group and Digital Credentialing

Right at the start of this exciting adventure for the City & Guilds Group, I wanted to take this opportunity to make three commitments to the Open Badges community who have done so much to get the standard to where it is today. They are:

1. We are committed to the Open Badges specification/standard

2. We are committed to innovating with, and on behalf of, our users and customers to make this better for all stakeholders

3. We are committed to open dialogue, discussion and debate

I’ll flesh out what this means in practice in a series of posts over the coming weeks and months, along with my new colleagues Tim Riches and Mark Riches.

Welcoming Makewaves and Digitalme to the City & Group

Tim and Mark, as well as everyone at Digitalme and Makewaves, have done an amazing job at taking the idea of Open Badges, driving advocacy and running with it. The Makewaves platform is a thriving community of thousands of schools sharing their creativity and raising achievement with badges. Meanwhile, their recently-launched Open Badge Academy already has successful badge academies being created and used by well-established universities through to forward-looking brands such as 02 –Telefonica in helping to bridge the gap between education and employment.

I can’t wait to get started in working with Tim, Mark and their passionate teams in seeing how together we can accelerate the adoption of open badges — including greater collaboration with Credly — so we can tell the richer picture of people’s lives through trusted digital credentials. Fulfilling in new and innovative ways the purpose of the Group in helping people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth .

Finally, I’d like to thank those at Mozilla (both past and present) and the members of the Badge Alliance for their ongoing stewardship, innovation, and open ways of working. I am looking forward to this being the start of an exciting journey together.

For those new to badges, Digitalme have a great learning academy on theOpen Badge Academy

I’d also recommend Think Out Loud Club Open Badges 101 coursedeveloped by Bryan Mathers and Doug Belshaw with community input

@digitalme. Consultancy & technology to help organisations & individuals realise potential by making all skills visible. See every skill.


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