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Posted by Katharine Courtney on 13 February 2019 10:59:23 GMT

In this post on the 29th January 2019 we announced our timeline for closing our in house Digital Badge Platform - The Open Badge Academy.

As digital products grow and evolve, we’re always sad to say goodbye to those we have lived and loved. We have worked hard to create a useful space for recognition, and are excited about the potential to do this at scale in partnership with Credly. 


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City & Guilds Group is delighted to be one of the first skills bodies to back the Open Badge Standard as THE way all skills are recognised , whether developed through formal or informal learning. 

The standard empowers learners to share their skills online in a secure, verifiable way for businesses to create eco-systems of recognition through Digital Badges, and countries have a tool to mobilise workforces through global standards delivered through this agile and evolving recognition technology.

City & Guilds Group’s purpose is the same today as it was 140 years ago – to help people and economies develop their skills for growth.   

Digital Badges support this purpose and through the skills of our team in design, consultancy, and technical expertise, City & Guilds Group has committed to integrating Digital Badges across all of its products and services.  

The in-house badging solution Open Badge Academy has been retired to enable a focused, agile, evolving and global solution that will provide the currency to drive value in Digital Badges across a greater number of organisations. 

The single global technology solution available for all clients is Credly’s Acclaim platform, which currently issues three-quarters of badges globally, trusted by IBM, Adobe, Siemens, Microsoft, EY and Hewlett Packard.   

Credly's impact on the evolving digital economy was recognised by RSA with a Future of Work Award last week and the Digitalme team look forward to exploring the labour market insights available through Credly's Acclaim - helping brands harness the power of Digital Badges and Credentials and see every skill. Whilst we are also committed to supporting OBA clients through this transition.  

If you have any specific queries, there are extensive FAQs available at that cover how your badges will remain verifiable once downloaded, how to download content and the timeline for the Open Badge Academy sunset.  


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