How to recognise professional skills, learned on the job.

Posted by Mark Riches on 28 March 2018 15:34:17 BST
Mark Riches



Introducing Professional Recognition Awards.

Qualifications provide confidence. Confidence for the individual, that they have a officially reached a level of understanding. Confidence for the organisation to take an individual on. But what happens when someone has learned those professional skills on the job but can’t progress without the qualification. Surely that would be crazy, right?

There is a solution that many people haven’t heard of. Professional Recognition Awards evidence professional competence earned on the job. Providing accreditation from level 5, think Certificate of Higher Education, all the way to Level 7 and Masters.

Only there is no need to go to university, no need to take a course and no need to incur exorbitant fees. All that’s required is an individual to evidence what they have learned. This is then independently and rigorously assessed.

That sounds amazing but why hasn’t everyone heard of this?

It’s complicated, sometimes good ideas need to wait for other good ideas to come along before they can fully realised. We think that digital credentialing things can be simpler for everyone and open to many more. Labs are working with cross company and functional teams at City & Guilds and ILM to re imagine what a fully digital PRA would be and how people could access them wherever they are in the world.

Together we have designed a digital path for both individuals and companies to experience and test. Launching this spring and running until summer.

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