5 benefits digital credentials bring to the Assured offer

Posted by Lucy Lewis on 18 October 2018 17:10:15 BST

5 benefits digital credentials bring to the Assured offer. 

Do you find it difficult to explain the value digital credentials add to our Assured Offer?  

We want every everyone to feel confident talking about digital credentials, so to help us all get one step closer to having the most valuable conversations about Assured with our customers, we spoke to Lucy Lewis, Head of Client Services at Digitalme about why Assured and digital credentials are a great fit, diving into the 5 key benefits digital credentials bring to the table for customers and their learners.   

The spending on corporate training remains astronomical. In 2016 alone, the total bill came in at $359.3b worldwide [source].  

In this context, it more important than ever for organisations to be able to track and showcase the skills they have invested in developing their workforce.  

The Assured offer provides a quality benchmark for customers to map their training programmes against - an offer that is future proofed for the 21st century by including digital credentials at it’s heart.   


What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are a visual communication tool that enables businesses to get their people’s skills and brand in front of new audiences, via the web. The data-rich format allows the information contained inside the credential to be reviewed with a single click - where ever it is displayed online.   

This is one of the many reasons why organisations around the world are using digital credentials to communicate the skills developed through training programmes, professional development, formal certifications and association membership, because it enables them to harness data about how a learners credentials have been accessed and shared.  

However, without verified quality standards underpinning the process of creating, issuing and managing them, you can easily drown in a sea of low-quality, low-value credentials.  

The Assured service is about setting a quality benchmark for customer to map their programmes to, developed by City & Guilds and ILM.  This is an opportunity for City & Guilds Group to offer quality recognition in this unregulated space, during the climate of change in the qualification market.  

Something we are hearing more and more from customers is that they need to validate and standardise the training they offer, and that they value the quality mark from City & Guilds or ILM in helping to demonstrate this externally 

For sales teams who are promoting Assured, it is really important to articulate the digital credential aspect of the offer - it’s by no means the only benefit, but it is something that can deliver value, not only to your customers - but also to their learners.  

This aspect is vitally important, as employee advocacy and quality experiences become even more essential to employers [source, source].  


So, what specific benefits do digital credentials bring to the Assured offer and how do I talk about these with clients? 

1. Credentials provide a Safe and Secure format, more flexible and trusted than paper. 

No more searching for lost certificates, or needing to replace them. With an online skills account, learners have control of the skills they display, safe in the knowledge that they are always accessible and shareable from their profile, whenever they might need them. Over 15 million credentials have been issued to date via our safe, secure easy to use platform - with one credential issued every 2 minutes! [source]  


2. Help learners stand out from the crowd 

According to Linkedin, a profile with a certification is 6x more likely to be viewed [source]. 

By being able to quickly and easily share an Assured credential with their networks of employers and peers through online professional profiles or on their CV, learners can stand out from the crowd of self-reported skills and achievements. For viewers, the skills and achievements the credential contain can be instantly validated and reviewed with just one click - building understanding and trust in every achievement and building confidence in what their learners can do with employers and peers.  


3. Promote the customers brand

Learners become brand advocates as they showcase the skills gained during your programme across the web.  Their brand alongside City & Guilds or ILM is the perfect way to promote the quality of your programme to internal or external audiences, with built in tracking analytics that demonstrate the impact of this new stream of exposure and help demonstrate the ROI.  

As of early 2018, IBM’s badge programme has garnered more than 200 million social media impressions. This organic social sharing is equivalent to $39,000 per month in marketing value. [Source] 


4. Tell the Story behind the achievement 

The detailed customised information about the programme, modules and quality standard included in the credential data provides those viewers with a much more detailed understanding of the achievement and the programme.

5. Make the next step clear 

n the world of consistent technological change and disruption, more and more employers understand the need for lifelong learning practices to be incorporated in the workplace in order to stay competitive.  

Digital credentials offer learners a visual communication tool to explain what they did to develop the skills, behaviours and competencies they’ve gained so far, discover opportunities related to their strengths and understand what they need to do next to progress.  


After implementing their programme, IBM saw the following results: [source]

87% of badge earners feel more engaged with the brand and are motivated to learn more

Course enrolments in badged online courses increased 125%

and course completion rates for badges programmes at IBM increased by 694%

When you are talking to customers about Assured, it is really important you feel confident to articulate the digital credential aspect of the offer. Talking about Assured is a great way to open up opportunities for customers to use credentials in a much wider sense and is often a route into a conversation about Group products and services that might meet their needs.  

There are a lot of materials, advice and articles that have been provided via the sales hub that you can access herehttps://hub.digitalme.co.uk/ 

The team at Digitalme is here to support those conversations as needed, so do get in touch with any questions or for support digitalme@cityandguilds.com  


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