You've earned a digital credential... now what? 3 ways to share your digital credentials.

Posted by Katharine Courtney on 12 October 2018 13:00:00 BST

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Congratulations on having earned a digital badge! Maybe you’re wondering what this means and how to make the most out of your badge.

We’re all lifelong learners, so you have probably received  more than a certificate or two before that reminds you of an achievement.

How often do you use your certificate to talk about your skills? Do you have it up on the wall of your office, or do you only glance at occasionally?

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5 Reasons You Should Share Your Skills Online

Posted by Lucy Lewis on 10 October 2018 17:11:28 BST


The challenge for any modern learner is sharing what you can do in a portable, verifiable and discoverable way, we spoke to Barclays LifeSkills about the 5 reasons why you should share your skills online.

Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn help billions of people every day stay connected with who and what matters to them. It is difficult to imagine a world without social media, from finding long lost friends, keeping in touch with family and sharing the best (and worst) of times with each other, social media has changed the way we connect forever. Young people today need to know the importance of building, maintaining and utilising professional as well as personal online networks to unlock new opportunities.

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Tech evolution drives a positive L&D revolution

Posted by David Kinsella on 19 June 2018 12:15:00 BST

Whether you’re after real data to drive a business case for further L&D investment, or simply wanting to make your LMS attractive again, digital credentials have an awesome future role to play.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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Supporting your PRA journey.

Posted by Mark Riches on 11 May 2018 11:53:57 BST


With the Professional Recognition Awards pilot now in full swing, we’re highlighting the ways we support you during your PRA journey.

The PRA’s aredesigned to give you the time and support you need to capture and reflect on the learning you already have. Getting you the recognition you deserve as quickly as possible. Read more about recognising professional skills on the job. 

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How to recognise professional skills, learned on the job.

Posted by Mark Riches on 28 March 2018 15:34:17 BST


Introducing Professional Recognition Awards.

Qualifications provide confidence. Confidence for the individual, that they have a officially reached a level of understanding. Confidence for the organisation to take an individual on. But what happens when someone has learned those professional skills on the job but can’t progress without the qualification. Surely that would be crazy, right?

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What is a digital credential?

Posted by Chris Kirk on 22 March 2018 17:25:40 GMT

Alternative ways to recognise skills are growing fast!

Existing systems and traditions for recognising and communicating objective achievement - like paper certification - have failed to keep pace with the online revolution which has changed how we interact and engage with each other.

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Raising the standard: Open Badges 2.0

Posted by Israel Hobson on 12 March 2018 11:11:45 GMT

Image: Andrew Flowers

There are few things as eagerly awaited in life as a sequel. From The Dark Knight to Harry Potter, Toy Story and The Empire Strikes Back, regardless of your franchise of choice we are all captivated and excited by three words: To Be Continued…

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How Do We Bring Recruitment Into The Digital Age?

Posted by Chris Kirk on 14 February 2018 09:04:00 GMT

 How Do We Bring Recruitment Into The Digital Age? g-crescoli-468248.png

When I finished studying and started to hunt for the perfect career (any job to be honest), my initial step was to create my CV. It certainly showed the basics such as my qualifications and work experience, but little more than that. It’s difficult on two sides of A4 paper to show the fully rounded individual you are and all the useful skills you’ve learned along your journey through education and early jobs.

Over the last decade, we’ve all probably given our LinkedIn page a polish before applying for a new position, but essentially we still see a CV as our best hope in landing the dream job. And recruiters and employers are in an equally tricky position pouring over hundreds of them trying to get the measure of a person from a few pages. Countless excellent candidates have undoubtedly been missed because the CV didn’t show the richer picture of their achievements and skills.

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Being human: some hard truths about soft skills

Posted by Chris Kirk on 14 February 2018 09:04:00 GMT

Being human_some hard truths about soft skills.jpg 

What are soft skills?

“What powers economic growth? It’s not technology – technology is a raw material. What makes human beings unique is one thing – creativity. All else are subsets.” Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class.

There are many different definitions for soft skills – which is potentially a problem in its own right. But generally they are the skills that fall in the gap between technical skills, experience and academic ability - a combination of creative thinking, interpersonal skills, common sense, attitudes, social intelligence, work ethic and communication skills. 

For some it is about the ability to problem solve and for others, soft skills help employees navigate the grey area that is ‘expected behaviour’ in and beyond the workplace.

One thing that most people will agree on is that they are emerging as one of the critical factors for success in 21st century business in the Middle East. With the backdrop of increasing globalisation and disruption from digital technology, and with the rapid advancement and adoption of AI and automation changing the nature of the workplace, soft skills are under the spotlight more than ever. In fact, calling them ‘soft’ is doing those skills a massive injustice, as they are at the hard edge of business life.

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It’s time to rethink the CV for the digital age

Posted by Chris Kirk on 14 February 2018 09:03:00 GMT

Rethink the CV for the Digital Age cody-davis-253928.png

Traditional CVs obscure candidates’ soft skills; digital badging can give a richer picture of their abilities

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